About the Fray

Rick Phillis

The Fray in Ferndale is an HO slot car race that was started in 1997, by Rick Phillis, Rick Machado, and Bob Marketos.

Shortly after they met, Phillis suggested that they have a semi-annual race between their clubs and in 1991, the Invitational was initiated. That first year all the teams were from the West Coast. It was a huge success and the race was met with great enthusiasm.

When asked where this race got its name, Slotcar Bob Marketos responded, “I was the one that came up with it. The term ‘Fray’ was used because it fit with Ferndale, two F’s, and the definition was appropriate … noun (the fray): a situation of intense activity, typically one incorporating an element of aggression or competition, a battle or fight: Nineteen companies intend to bid for the contract, with three more expected to enter the fray.”

The Fray in Ferndale is a big event that has been known to draw folks from as far away as Australia and Great Britian!