The 2025 date is set for February 28 & March 1st. The IROC team event will be Thursday February 27th, the individual competition will be Friday February 1 and the team competition will be Saturday March 1.

For the 2025 Fray in Ferndale, the Individual competition will be standard  Aurora Fray cars.  Seeding will be determined by a hot-lap qualifier averaged with each persons previous finish in the Individual event. Those competing for the first time in the Individual event will be seeded by their qualifying time. Move ups are determined first by points ( 1st-6 point, 2nd-5 points, 3rd– 4 points…). If there is a point tie, the tie breaker will be the number of laps. If there is a point and lap tie, the overall run time will be the tie breaker.

We will start with the “Z” main and work to the “A” main. In the mains, every person will drive a 10 lap heat in each lane to determine who moves up to the next bracket. Seven drivers will be seeded in the “B” main with three moving up from the “C” main. These ten drivers will run it off to determine which six go to the “A” main.

Once again, each team may tech in up to 15 cars with the team racing being run in its normal format.

See you in March,